tirsdag den 7. juni 2011


 1# White top - Bik Bok 75 DKK 
2# Flower shorts - Bik Bok 75 DKK
3# Black zipper bathingsuit - H&M 199 DKK
Yesterday went to CPH to shop a little, I'm saving up for the summer holiday(Roskilde Festival and Berlin trip) so I try to keep it down. I couldn't resist the sale in Bik Bok, the white top is a classic and the flower shorts will be great for the autumm "china look". 
I found lots of fantastic kimonos(short versions) and even though I would love to have a real(and expensive) one, I might go for the high street versions. Zara and H&M already have kimonos in stores now, really pretty ones actually.
I'll look for a kimono in berlin, and maybe some kind of chinese shoes(?).

The bathing suit is just amazing, so comfortable and sporty. I feel like a surfer girl when I'm wearing it!


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